Saturday, January 12, 2008

Low Down with Amy and Ruthy

Last night was our latest night of the week. After not leaving the studio all week, we were feeling a little stir crazy after the Absentee was finished so we went into Woodstock for our first meal out since entering the studio on Sunday night.

When we returned to the studio, we decided to work up an entirely new arrangement of an original song by Aoife called Low Down and Dirty. We had made a demo version during rehearsals, but it just didn't seem to work with the mood and character of the song. The song has a real spooky, moody vibe and I think our late night arrangement really brings that out.

Today is our last day of tracking here at Allaire. It's also harmony vocal day. Amy Helm, from the band Ollabelle, just arrived to sing some harmony with Aoife. We really bonded with Amy and the rest of Ollabelle at several festivals last summer so it's great to have her here in the studio contributing to the album.

Our good friend Ruth Ungar Merenda, from the Mammals is here as well. Ruth has sung on every Crooked Still CD and it just wouldn't be right to make a record without her. Ruth and Amy, besides being amazing singers, are both very pregnant, so we are adding that powerful energy to the mix.

The thing I am really loving about recording here at Allaire is that there is so much character in the sound of the room and the environment. The record is going to have some serious mojo. In a world of increasingly clean and sterilized recordings, this approach really gives it something special that is hard to achieve in a typical recording studio setting.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Corey! Your blog is great. Can't wait to hear more road stories from you guys. You were greatly missed at BCMFest, we had a really great time as usual. We hope you're having an awesome gig in NYC! and we can't wait to hear everything you've been doing this week! Love to all, Emmy, Edy and Emma xoxo