Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Day Two

Welcome to day two of my blogging life.   It's also day two of my  life at Allaire Studios.  I feel like a new man.   

More impressions of Allaire

It's unbelievably awesome to sleep in a bed that is literally down the hall from the recording space.

This is my first time in a residential studio and so far it's way better to do it this way.  

The only foreseeable risk of this approach, both to my mental and physical health, is that there is the very real possibility that I'll never go outside for a week or two.  

To counter that, I made the extra effort to walk around the grounds this morning. This is what I found:

It's not everyday you find a giant ball of trash while walking in the peaceful, snowy woods.  This thing is literally as tall as I am.  

Ok.  Time to record! 

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mandobaron said...

that place looks amazing. and i spy the top to one of those yellow and orange cars that i remember from when i was little and of a size to fit into one. looks like you guys are having a blast. cant wait to hear the result.