Thursday, January 10, 2008

buzz, buzz

Today I took Eric and Tristan with me on my morning excursion. We headed up the mountain again to see if there were any other cool things to find on this hillside. Once again, the grounds of Allaire did not let us down.

At the point where yesterday I had taken a sharp left to find the creepy couch, we decided to stay straight on the path. This lead us up to another lookout with this cool tower on it.

We were unable to gain roof access because of a padlock keeping the second floor shut. We briefly considered pulling a mission impossible maneuver and scaling the wall, but thought better of it as it might be considered irresponsible to put the lives and well being of the producer, cellist and bassist on the line all at the same time!

As Tristan's hat suggests, the temperature has dropped about 15 degrees today, which has not gone unnoticed by our instruments. The bass, cello, ukulele, and fiddle have all acquired some new buzzes. It hasn't been a deal breaker, but it has required a certain amount of attention.

Luckily our esteemed producer Eric Merrill is also an accomplished luthier and has been able to get us in working order. We're ahead of schedule, so taking a bit of extra time for the instruments hasn't set us back. We've put two more songs to bed today and will hopefully get another before the end of the night.


Sam said...

wow, your blog post reminded me that i just had a really nice dream that consisted of taking a walk through the woods outside of putney, except it was mythical putney that does not actually exist. i also recently dreampt that stefan died:

Tom Nowak said...

Hi, Just met you once more, this time on the streets of Tacoma. You didn't remember our last conversation at the Palms in Winters which seemed odd as I'd offer to , uh, 'remove' anyone you had a problem with; for a price of course.
Thrilled the hear you are a 'know it all' because my wife is one also and, of course, there can never be enough no it alls, well except in a marriage where 1 know it all per household is probably the asvisable limit.
Nice to hear that Eric M is the producer of your new album: Two of my fave rave albums are the 2nd little Sadie and his own album. It's a sad thing that I worship him really as we can never be friends, oh well..... I write to his blog now and again and I think I mentioned to him that when I heard THE NEWS, I really thought there was a consideralbe chance Eric would be the new d'Artagnan to your Three Musketeers. Thrilled to see Casey D again though, I think I saw him with both Eric and in a fiddle off with Bets E. of the Wilders at Winfield 07. Don't take that to mean I've been to a lot of these festive events though, my wife, Pam and I, are really just getting started. We went to Calgary last year and SF's S fest and the Sieera thingie a couple of times, and I've been to Winfild which is ridiculously great. They have amateur sign up stages out of the grounds where you see really talented up and comers or 'unknowns' as you like it; but the Wilders play a wild hillbilly set at three in the morning every year, as hillbillies! The amateur stages run from noon to 6 am and the four min sages from 9:45 till midnight Fri, Sat and sunday's a bit of a gospel day. The Wilders 10 or 11 am gospel set is another can't there. If you get a chance please ask Ike about a religious song they sing rarely entitled 'The Unknown Tongue". It is slow and hauntingly beautiful, and reminded me of our fave song you do, Ecstacy. I could just imagine how great Aoife O would phrase it. I'm hopng they sing it Sunday and also hoping they'll let me shoot some video of it as I'd like to learn it. Gosh, 15 minutes, well thanks for reading, really just one of many fans, all the best, Tom ( and Pam ) Nowak