Friday, July 18, 2008

Helpless Trailer

After an amazing three night traveling triple bill with the Infamous Stringdusters and Chatham County Line, I'm now in Boston for four shows at Club Passim with Crooked Still.

Last night was the first night and it was probably my favorite show with the new lineup to date. Playing at Passim is always special for us and this being the first Boston area show with Brittany and Tristan it was even more memorable.

Check out this clip of Neil Young's "Helpless" from show at the Bowery two nights ago.

The other big news is that Crooked Still now owns a cargo trailer to haul our gear around. I was really excited about this but let me tell you, parking a trailer in New York City is no picnic! The good news is that we now have tons of room in the van for an entourage!

That's all for now. I'm off to buy an iPhone. I might try my hand at some live blogging from the stage. Not sure how the logistics of playing the bass and surfing the web at the same time will work.


Chris said...

I was at the 7 pm show last night (Thursday) and it was killer - very entertaining. It was a bit hard to hear the words out front, but the overall sound was kickin' - I could hear the bass just fine and that's what matters, right? Adding the fiddle is a good move and Brittany and Tristan just click - I just downloaded the new album (legally, from amazon). Really nice. Good luck on the rest of the tour.
P.S. I'm still wondering how you found another amazing cellist who plays bluegrass.

Sean Smith said...

Corey, wish I could've gone to the Passim show, but I spent the weekend's entertainment budget on going to my high school reunion. However, I did at least listen to "Still Crooked" in the car going up and back, and this CD took me out back behind the barn and thoroughly impressed me. Congrats on a great achievement.

Jess said...

So how is the blogging from stage going? I think tonight would be a good night to start....