Saturday, July 5, 2008

Captain, Captain

Check out this performance of Captain, Captain from our recent Nashville show at the Basement!

Thanks to Bill for all of the great video footage of the show. Most of the set is up, so check it out!


Daniel said...

Thanks for this. Just finished watching all the YouTube vids for the Basement show; looks and sounds great! Makes me all the sorrier to have missed you guys at ROMP. Meant to be there, but unexpected schedule changes had me working well outside of Owensboro that weekend. Hopefully I can catch another show sometime; til then, I'll have to try to make do with YouTube and the three CDs.

Speaking of ROMP: hope the weather wasn't too unpleasant? I had heard there was some storming during the day of the show, and noticed the local paper quoted Aoife asking if it's "always so hot here". Sadly, that being June, we hadn't really begun our "hot season" yet---though I hope that won't dissuade you from the possibility of visiting us again.

Thanks for the fabulous music!

Woland said...

Wow, great videos of this set on YouTube, thanks to Bill (whoever you are) for posting them.

I'm bringing a few friends to the Bowery Ballroom next week and we're really excited for that show. Not sure how you feel about requests, but any chance we might hear "Low Down and Dirty?"

Congrats on the new album, and keep making great music!