Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Contrary to rumors you may have heard, I did not open my own bar and I do still have a blog.

What's my excuse for such a long absence? Mostly procrastination but also a good deal of general laziness.

For the first time since April, I have a full week at home. That's right, I haven't been at my home for more than four consecutive days since April 28th. I'm now looking at eight days in a row. I'm not sure such a drastic change is healthy so I was thinking I should load my car up with all of my gear and drive around for a few hours and then unload it all just to ease into things a little. A couple of days of that and I'll be ready to jump back into domestic life!

Seriously though, I'm back in Brattleboro after a ten day tour in the south that started with a few Crooked Still gigs and ended with a week of shows with Lissa Schneckenburger and Owen Marshall. It was a great run and we got to visit with lots of old friends.

We concluded the tour with an amazing show at Pete's Candy store, our favorite Brooklyn venue. We played the late set and after the show we all crowded around the TV in the bar to see our friends, Tao Rodriguez-Seeger, Jake Silver and Ruthy Merenda perform with Pete Seeger on Letterman. It was truly amazing. Here it is:

Here are some more videos and photos to get you caught up on some things I've been up to this summer.

On Mountain Stage

The Alberta Street Pub, Portland, OR

On another note, you should all go out and buy Mark Erelli's new CD, Delivered.

I think it is his finest work to date and in the singer songwriter world, he is a beacon of light in a shit storm of mediocrity.

And you also need to hear Charlie Haden's new CD, Rambling Boy.

I've been trying to sound exactly like Charlie Haden ever since I first heard his bass playing with Ornette Coleman. His new project is a country album that features the amazing singing of his three daughters as well as Ricky Skaggs, Bruce Hornsby, Rosanne Cash, Pat Metheny and an unbelievable version of Old Joe Clark sung by Charlie's son in law, Jack Black. You heard me, the star of School of Rock, High Fidelity and founding member of Tenacious D is now singing old-time music with jazz legends. It's a strange strange world.

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Idumea said...

Hi Corey, we LOVED the Terry Gross interview. And yes, Jack Black!