Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break

I just finished a great Crooked Still tour. 9 gigs. 9 days. 2500 miles pulling a trailer. No nervous breakdowns parking in NYC. It was an amazing tour. We started in Princeton, NJ where we played for Brittany Haas's senior recital. It was so much fun and her duets with Dan Trueman were magical. We also had great shows in Toronto, Ann Arbor, Brooklyn, D.C. and a sold out hometown show at the Somerville Theatre in Somerville, MA. Check it out:

I'm now in Vail, CO skiing with my siblings, who live out here. Traveling out here without a bass made me realize that people who complain about flying are full of shit. Unless they are traveling with a baby.

There was 14 inches of snow last night and today was a pretty amazing powder day. Check out my brother Paul's wind blown look after having his hat torn off in a glade. Looking good, Paul.

I'm off for a couple of weeks until Crooked Still plays a show in Rosendale, NY with our friends Mike and Ruthy on April 3rd and then on April 4th in Putney, VT with Sam Amidon. Should be a nice break.

Speaking of Sam Amidon, he has an amazing SXSW recap that was published in Time Out New York.

That's all for now.


John said...

I've gotta ask: how do you park in NYC?

Corey DiMario said...

With a lot of luck.

Baa Baa Raa said...

I loved your comment about complaining airline passengers... did you hear about Delta cracking Nat's cello right before their big tour and documentary filming while you guys were on tour? And you're right on about the baby exemption... only it's worse with a toddler. (Natalie, a foil packet of catsup given to her by Steve, and the lady next to me one row back with the white suit... very embarrassing and a dry cleaning bill.)

Nevin said...

The set you played in Brooklyn was great, and thanks so much for playing "Low Down and Dirty" and "Poor Ellen Smith." They were both amazing and it was very cool to see you on guitar and Tristan on the violin. Next thing you know we'll see Aofie on the saxophone...

Nine shows in nine days, not really sure how you survive that. After all the driving, did you have an urge to run up to the cockpit and fly the plane yourself on your trip to Colorado??

Jessica Reichard said...

See you in Rosendale! I contacted Aoife about this, but let me know if you need a merch person for the night.